Dave Koekebacker

Hi, I`m Dave

UX designer, Interaction Designer &Visual Designer


  • UX Design
  • Visual Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Consulting

Software Knowledge

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Experience Design

Language Skills




from Oct 2017
to Present
(5 months )
In2itive Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Design & Consultancy

As consultant I went ahead and started to grow my business network for the company. In2itive is a Romanian based company looking to expand into the Dutch market seeing as a lot of clients are already from within the Netherlands. Some of the projects I've been working on include BeUnited's Bitterballenborrel, the corporate website itself and Drone Assortiment.
from Mar 2016
to Oct 2017
(1 year 8 months )
O-Products Rotterdam, the Netherlands

UX & Visual Designer

Initially proposed as visual designer, but when I had my job interview it soon came to light they were looking for someone way more flexible than just a visual designer. In my time at O-Products I've managed the b2b webshop on Magento 1.9 I have redesigned and managed the project of a new webshop which went live on July 4th 2017 on www.oproducts.nl During this project of the new webshop I've had a graduate intern from the Hogeschool Leiden, studying Media Technology, which I guided. (he graduated) Next to being active as the online manager for O-Products, I've also run a seperate b.v. from inside the company by managing and creating b2c webshops, as well as the online marketing for these e-commerce platforms. Next to these main tasks there were a lot of diverse tasks assigned to me. I'll gladly tell you about these during some coffee!
from Aug 2015
to Feb 2016
(7 months )
Direct Force Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Designer & Online Marketeer

After leaving Orbition I've inquired at Direct Force (which was my part-time job during my studies of CMD) if they were looking for someone extra at the online marketing department. I was offered the position as Online Marketeer to support their Online Manager. During this time I've managed to optimize the conversion rate for new potential leads using different tools. At Direct Force we made use of VWO (Visual Website Optimizer) Google Analytics / AdWords, Facebook advertisements, SeoSiteCheckup among others.
from Jun 2013
to Jul 2015
(2 years 1 months)
Orbition Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Co-Founder & UX Designer

During my studies I've gotten in touch with two students from the Media Technology course. With one front-end developer, one back-end developer and myself as the designer we've made a multifunctional triangle that was ready to start a business during our studies. During these 2 years we've worked on several different projects for both customers and our own ambitions. One of the most notable projects we've done is ArtPagina.nl which you can find under my portfolio.
from Sep 2007
to Aug 2008
(1 year)
Samsung Electronics Delft, the Netherlands

Network Administrator

Before I started studying Communication & Multimedia Design, I've studied IT Management. After this I've worked with Samsung Electronics Benelux for a year in which I've implemented an ITIL servicedesk application for Samsung Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg which is still being used to this day. This was by far the most interesting task I've had next to a server migration and workplace management. After figuring out I enjoyed implementing software, and seeing the benefits of new applications for end-users and companies, I started thinking if Network Administration was really my thing. This resulted in me starting a follow-up education on Bachelor degree in Multimedia Design.

Upcoming: BeUnited

June/July 2018
Redesign for corporate website and social platform Bitterballenborrel.

upcoming: drone assortiment

Halfway 2018
Magento 2 e-Commerce platform for drone parts.

Hogeschool Rotterdam

from Sep 2009
to Jul 2014

From 2009 to 2014 I've studied for my Bachelor's degree in Communication & Multimedia Design. During these years I've transformed from the Photoshop hobbyist to a media designer that's capable of explaining to different audiences why a certain design choice would be better than the obvious one. This is also the place where I met my partners with whom I've started my own company and lasted for a little over a year.

Some of the classes I've attended and found worth mentioning are:
- Interaction Design
- User Experience Design
- Video Editing

ROC Zadkine Spijkenisse

from Sep 2004
to Jul 2008

After highschool I've studied IT Management. My natural curiousity towards the digital world drew me towards this education. During these years I've gotten my first basic understanding of front-end development learning HTML / CSS with the very early lessons in columns loading in different HTML pages etc.
In the field of work I learned very quickly that colsets were a no go in 2007 and I was to use different methods.
Next to front-end development I've gotten an understanding of Windows server management, Java programming, hardware management and a lot more. I've had the pleasure to finish this education with an internship at Samsung Electronics BeNeLux.

Cisco CCNA

from Sep 2004
to Jul 2008

I've obtained several official Cisco CCNA certificates during these years:

- CCNA A+ hardware basics
- CCNA Cisco networking 1
- CCNA Cisco networking 2
- CCNA Cisco networking 3
- CCNA Cisco networking 4

Get in touch

I'm always interested in meeting new people, learning from others, share my knowledge and networking for potential business opportunities. Feel free to drop me a message!

Dave Koekebacker